Salesforce中使用Custom Metadata Types以及Custom Settings

Custom Metadata is one of the new features that released at Summer’15 of Salesforce, which is customizable, deployable, packageable, and upgradeable application metadata, and it supports the following custom field types.
  • Checkbox
  • Date
  • Date and Time
  • Email
  • Number
  • Percent
  • Phone
  • Picklist (Can’t use Global Picklist Value Set)
  • Text
  • Text Area
  • URL
  • Metadata Relationship

The setting page of Custom Metadata is similar to Custom Object’s as the following image:
Custom Metadata Type  Country   Salesforce   Developer Edition
It also supports Page Layouts Assignment, as the below:
Country   Salesforce   Developer Edition
And the data(records) of Custom Metadata Types can be edited directly as Metadata from Sublimie Text 3. Sublime Text 3

Differences between Custom Metadata and Custom Settings

So which one should we choose between Custom Metadata and Custom Settings?
Here is some comparisons between those two.

Functionality Custom Settings Custom Metadata
Unlimited calls/queries
CUD from Apex
Currency type field
Picklist type field
Metadata Relationship
Associate for an organization,
profile, or specific user
Metadata deploy Only definitions Definitions and records
Apex tests Needs to create test data Directly access
Translation Workbench Not supported Still not supported
(Maybe will be supported in the future…)

Enjoy It!

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