Calculate the difference between two DateTimes in Salesforce

In Formula Calculate the second difference between two DateTimes. In Visualforce Page Calculate the second difference between two DateTimes. In Apex ※A “Date/time arithmetic expressions must use Integer, Decimal or Double arguments” error will be occurred, when we subtract between two DateTimes directly like Formula.

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Display DateTime with TimeZone in Visualforce Page

TimeZone 3

In Salesforce,Date and Date/Time values are stored in GMT,and a GMT time will be outputed when we use apex:outputText tag. e.g. Result ※Time Zone : (GMT+09:00) Japan Standard Time (Asia/Tokyo) As we know,we can not determine a user’s time zone in a formula,but there has two ways to fix this with Apex,maybe more. 1.Get User […]

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Date format and DateTime format

Date format in Apex 1.Use Date format method 2.Convert to String directly 3.Convert to DateTime DateTime format in Apex Date format in VF DateTime format in VF Date format in Formula DateTime format in Formula TZoffset is the difference between the user’s time zone and GMT。 When in Tokyo:TZoffset = “9/24” Reference :

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