SalesforceXyTools For Chrome – Quick Search MetaData Tools

What is SalesforceXyTools for Chrome ?

SalesforceXyTools for Chrome is a developer tools for Salesforce,SFDC,

  1. Login SFDC By 1 click
  2. Quickly Search For Sobject,Apex,Trigger,Page,Component,EmailTemplate,SataticResource, etc
  3. Auto Create Soql, Run Soql, Soql History
  4. Run Apex Script.
  5. Quick Search SFDC Document
  6. Run Rest Query
  7. View Apex Code Coverage
  8. Run JSForce Script

Install From Chrome Web Store

Tips for using

search metadata


search document


auto create soql , and run soql

auto create tooling query , and tooling soql

run apex script

run rest api

View Apex Code Coverage

Install From Chrome Web Store

More Help

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