Salesforce Smart Importer – 1-Drag to import Excel / CSV in Salesforce, supports both Classic and Lightning!

This is my third Chrome Extension named Salesforce Smart Importer (Other two popular extensions are Salesforce Mass Editor and Salesforce DevTools), it is designed for Salesforce not only admin but also normal user, supports :

・1-Drag to import any Excel / CSV data on anywhere in Salesforce, both Classic and Lightning.
・Automatize reference field value to lookup Id convertion.
・Mapping fields between sObject and Excel / CSV header only needs to be set once.

Notice : In Classic, don not check on “Require HttpOnly attribute” option in “Session Settings”.
If you login with a Non-Admin user, make sure “API Enabled” in profile has been checked.

Install From Chrome Web Store

Sample CSV is HERE

Tips for using

In Classic

In Claasic, you can active it by clicking Extension icon, no needs any setting additional.
Once mapping was set, it will automatize fileds mapping next time. You can also use reference record Name instance of Id, it will do the convertion for you, as below :

In Lightning or Community Cloud

If you are using Lightning Experience or Salesforce Community Cloud, it needs login once before using, as below :


If you have any question, requirement and issue, report it HERE (Github) , that will be fixed ASAP!
Please feel free to comment at below with Facebook, if you have any questions or advices.

Install From Chrome Web Store

Release Note


・ Add Excel import feature.


・ Add feature of Upsert by External Id. ・ Add feature of automatize reference External Id field value to lookup Id convertion. ・ Fix bugs in Lightning.


・ Beta released.

Enjoy it. : )