command-line tool : Force CLI and Salesforce DX

The Force CLI is an open source app, which is written in Go, it allows us to work with data directly from the command line.

Sometimes we might confuse Salesforce DX with Force CLI, which made its debut during the Salesforce For Developers Keynote 2016, as the two commond-line tools looks very similar, so it could be that Salesforce DX will be a updated version and finally replace the Force CLI.

So far, Salesforce DX is not available yet, but maybe you can try Force CLI first and prepare for Salesforce DX’s coming.

The usage of Force CLI is pretty simple, let’s get started.



Download it from CLI Home Page or the Current Release Page, the file name will be “force” without any extension.

Setting permission

Chmod +x the file to make it runable.


Login and do a test soql query.

Command-line help

Differents from Salesforce DX

And the below command-line tools’s help of Salesforce DX may explain how differents between Salesforce DX and Force CLI.

Enjoy It!

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