Bulk Approval Processing from List View in Salesforce

I have shared “Approval Processing with Apex in Salesforce” in previous post, and in this post, I’ll continue to share the way of bulk approval processing from Salesforce list view.

The outline we need to do is as below :
・Add a custom button for list view
・Set List View Layout
・Add a Apex Class named “BulkApprovalWebService”

Let’s get started:

Add two custom buttons for list view

Add two custom buttons, “Bulk Request” and “Bulk Approve” as below:

Bulk Request button

Bulk Request Button with the following javascript code:

Bulk Approve button

Bulk Approve Button with the following javascript code:

Set Contract List View Layout

Add custom buttons to List View Layout as the below image: Contract List View Layout

Apex Class

Add an Apex Class with the following source code :

Operation Check

First, submit approval request as “Member B” user by clicking “Bulk Request” button.
Bulk Approval Request Then approve those request as his manager user by clicking “Bulk Approve” button.
Bulk Approve Two records were approved successfully.
Bulk Approved
Enjoy It!

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