Access Salesforce data via APIs(JSForce) from Outside Service

At previous post,I had shared you how to setup an 《Awesome Node.js development environment with Heroku and Cloud9》.
Today I will continue to share about how to access Salesforce data via APIs from Outside Service.


JSforce (f.k.a. Node-Salesforce) is a isomorphic JavaScript Library utilizing Salesforce’s API: It works both in browser and with Node.js.

It capsulates the access to various APIs provided by Salesforce in asynchronous JavaScript function calls.
Reference: JSForce


Install JSForce library via npm from Cloud9 Console. c9 jsforce


Edit “app.js” with the following source code. Start node.js server and preview the application page,then we will see the infomations about API connect and UserInfo on console.
jsforce console

The most powerful thing of JSForce is that it supports almost all of the APIs,such as REST API,Metadata API and Tooling API.
Here we go.



Bulk API

Chatter API

Metadata API

Streaming API

Tooling API

Enjoy it!
Download JSForce from github