CodeIgniter Customized Package( with Admin console sample code & Smarty library)

Sometimes we need a light framework to build a small system, which must be customized simplely and quickly.

I surpose CodeIgniter might meet your need,not only because it has multi language documents (CodeIgniter has many chinese and japanese documents so I can read it without effort:) ), but also it’s a simple and powerful MVC framework.

At the same time, I found that CodeIgniter without any user auth sample code which we almost need to create in administrator console, and that might be better if it can use Smarty library.

So if you have the same need like me,you could download it from here (

Download CodeIgniter package on Github

Config DB for CodeIgniter

After download CodeIgniter package,you will have to import codeigniter.sql to your Database and change database.php.




Set folders writeable permission & change config file

These folders must be writeable.


We have done! We can run it now. Enjoy it!

Administrator Console page

login login-error
Default Account: admin
Default Password: admin


Front page



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