Feature of running test with single/multiple testMethods – 2016/05


The features of running test with single testMethod or multiple testMethods via Salesforce API have been released. Running Test with single testMethod Running Test with multiple testMethods Enjoy Tesforce. It’s better up here. ; )

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Salesforce Dev Tools for Chrome™


Salesforce Dev Tools for Chrome™ is a Chrome extension helping Force.com developers do the below things: ・Export definition of objects to Excel file. ・Show / Hide object API name on object detail page by 1 Click. ・Quick generate test data Apex Code for Force.com Unit Test. ・Quick access to new record page, list page and […]

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Write Apex Test Classes efficiently with Tesforce

13. Test Results

1.Why Tesforce The Test Classes are required to deploy Apex to a production environment or to be packaged and placed on Force.com AppExchange, it must provide at least 75% code coverage. That will be a huge workload to SFDC Developers if the project(application) include a lot of Apex Classes,the cost of time to write Test […]

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