Create a sObject dynamically

The following code provides a general example of how to create a sObject dynamically in apex. Usage This kind of function will be useful in creating general class.

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Salesforce Triggers and Order of Execution

Triggers and Order of Execution The following is copy from [Triggers and Order of Execution] for memoTriggers and Order of Execution When you save a record with an insert, update, or upsert statement, Salesforce performs the following events in order. ※Before Salesforce executes these events on the server, the browser runs JavaScript validation if the […]

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Salesforce Apex Zip Attachments With JSZip

Sometimes we need to zip Attachments or PDFs and download it at once in Salesforce development. As we know, Apex does not support Zip. it is conceivable that Zip files with other service such as Heroku or AWS, But in fact we can do this without any External Service, just Salesforce and JavaScript. This post […]

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