Calculate the difference between two DateTimes in Salesforce

In Formula Calculate the second difference between two DateTimes. In Visualforce Page Calculate the second difference between two DateTimes. In Apex ※A “Date/time arithmetic expressions must use Integer, Decimal or Double arguments” error will be occurred, when we subtract between two DateTimes directly like Formula.

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Synchronize data between Postgres and Salesforce via Heroku Connect

Heroku Connect

Somtimes we need to built a Web App with standard open source stacks, like PHP, Node.js and Python,but manage and analytic data with Salesforce standard functions,like record CRUD,views and reports. Heroku Connect provides us a pretty simple solution for this case, that using bi-directional synchronization between Salesforce and Heroku Postgres,whatever standard objects or custom objects. […]

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Save approver automatically in Approval Processes with Process Builder and Flows

In previous post,I shared how to 《Create Roll-Up Summary field to count Contacts on Account with Process Builder and Flows》. In this post I will share about how to save approver(current user) to the target object automatically in Approval Processes, with Process Builder and Flows. Actually,this is another interesting usages of Process and Visual Flows. […]

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