A bug caused by Decimal without SetScale

Let’s see the following Apex Script first. In fact the Apex Script will throw an AssertException. “System.AssertException: Assertion Failed: Expected: 0E-32%, Actual: 0%”. So we’d better round the Decimal before we convert it to String.Like the following Apex Script.

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Use subquery in SOQL

Salesforce allows us to use subquery in SOQL. The following soql is a sample, shows how to filter out Parent Records that don’t have a related child with subquery. And subquery also works in Related(Lookup) Objects, e.g. Be attention that the object name have to be Child Relationship Name when subquery SELECT as a field, […]

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Display DateTime with TimeZone in Visualforce Page

TimeZone 3

In Salesforce,Date and Date/Time values are stored in GMT,and a GMT time will be outputed when we use apex:outputText tag. e.g. Result ※Time Zone : (GMT+09:00) Japan Standard Time (Asia/Tokyo) As we know,we can not determine a user’s time zone in a formula,but there has two ways to fix this with Apex,maybe more. 1.Get User […]

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Use Salesforce Mini Page Layout in Visualforce Page


Mini Page Layout is a nice feature of Salesforce,it can be maintained for every parent object in master-detail or lookup relationship in order to display additional record information without jumping to its detail page. Enable Mini Page Layout First,navigate to Customize > User Interface and check “Enable Hover Details” which can enable Mini Page Layout […]

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