Awesome Node.js development environment with Heroku and Cloud9


As we know,Heroku enables developers to build and run Node.js apps on it,and the most important,it is FREE. Today I will try to setup an awesome Node.js development environment and deployment with Cloud9 and Heroku. Of course, we need to sign up first. 1.Sign up 1. 2. 2.Create a new App in heroku Create a […]

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RunTest with Salesforce Tooling REST API (asynchronous and synchronous)


Salesforce supports running test with Tooling REST API ,which are runTestsAsynchronous and runTestsSynchronous. Reference: In this post I’ll show you what is the difference between runTestsAsynchronous and runTestsSynchronous. Prepare 1.Salesforce Account 2.apigee for Salesforce ( 3.A TestClass (Id=01p10000001Faws) such as: 1.runTestsAsynchronous Running tests asynchronously allows methods to process in parallel, cutting down your test […]

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