Create a sObject dynamically

The following code provides a general example of how to create a sObject dynamically in apex. Usage This kind of function will be useful in creating general class.

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Salesforce Triggers and Order of Execution

Triggers and Order of Execution The following is copy from [Triggers and Order of Execution] for memo Triggers and Order of Execution When you save a record with an insert, update, or upsert statement, Salesforce performs the following events in order. ※Before Salesforce executes these events on the server, the browser runs JavaScript validation if […]

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Mailmaga-X (WordPress plugin)


Mailmaga-X is a simple and powerful plugin help for sending mailmagazines to your customers. Features of Mailmaga-X  1. Export and Import user list by CSV file.  2. Manager mail magazine users with group.  3. Support multi Mail Server to send large number of mail magazines at the same time.  4. Send mail magazines in background […]

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CodeIgniter Customized Package( with Admin console sample code & Smarty library)


Sometimes we need a light framework to build a small system, which must be customized simplely and quickly. I surpose CodeIgniter might meet your need,not only because it has multi language documents (CodeIgniter has many chinese and japanese documents so I can read it without effort:) ), but also it’s a simple and powerful MVC […]

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Salesforce Apex Zip Attachments With JSZip


Sometimes we need to zip Attachments or PDFs and download it at once in Salesforce development. As we know, Apex does not support Zip. it is conceivable that Zip files with other service such as Heroku or AWS, But in fact we can do this without any External Service, just Salesforce and JavaScript. This post […]

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Setup an awesome Salesforce developer environment with Sublime Text 3

Why Sublime Text 3 ? I’ve been working with for about 2 years, and always using IDE(See here, Eclipse IDE Installation)as my development environment. I don’t think it is difficult to use, but it could more friendly. For example: 1. It doesn’t support APEX and VF assist ※Seriously?! It looks like using […]

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