Salesforce DevTools – Powerful Chrome extension for developer

Salesforce DevTools is a Chrome extension helping developers do the below things:

・Fully GUI Query editor for generating SOQL and exporting as Excel.
・Exporting Objects Field Definition and Page Layout Definition as Excel.
・Generating Salesforce data model (ERDs) as svg.
・Show / Hide object API name on object detail page by 1 Click.
・Quickly generate test data Apex Code and SOQL.
・Quickly access to new record page, list page and object setting page.
・Debug Log searching and viewer.
・All check on profile edit and field permission edit page.
・Mass edit, mass delete, mass clone custom fields (Only Classic).

Until now,this extension supports the English, 日本語, 中文(繁體)and 中文(简体) version of

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Page Layout Definition Exporting(Released at v3.5.0)

This feature supports exporting any object page layout definition (with RecordType) to Excel file.

Multiple Fields Checker(Released at v3.4.0)

Check/Uncheck multiple fields by one-click on any field permission setting page, to avoid deploy mistake.

Mass Edit Fields (Released at v3.3.0)

Mass edit, mass delete, mass clone custom fields on any standard and custom object field list page, in 10x speed!

Apex Debug Log Viewer (Released at v3.2.0)

Open on any Salesforce Object page or Debug Logs page, then you can search any text in all Debug Logs as below: To use “Apex Debug Log Viewer”, you need to open “Salesforce DevTools” on Apex Debug Log detail page as the below : It allows you to use colors in debug log with “Logginglevel“:

It will show as below:

Supports for Lightning! (Released at v3.0.0)

You can use in Lightning now! Supports both Production and Sandbox, as below:

Query Editor and Excel Exporting (Released at v2.8.0)

Edit soql and export query results to csv file easily, it works on any object detail page, object list page and object setting page, as the below:

ERDs Generator (Released at v2.7.0)

Seconds to make a Salesforce entity relationship diagrams (ERDs) with this feature as below :

All Check (Released at v2.6.0)

This feature works on any profile edit page, field permission edit page, as the below:

Query Editor (Released at v2.5.0)

This feature works on any object detail page, object list page and object setting page, as the below:

Export Objects defination to Excel (Released at v2.0.0)

Export defination of single object or multiple objects to Excel file.

Show Object API Name

This feature works on any object detail page. Tesfore for Google Chrome 2

Apex Code Generator

This feature works on any object detail page. Tesfore for Google Chrome 3

Including blank fields mode


Object Quick Access

On Object Setting Page

Quick access object new, list and API reference page from any object setting page. Salesforce Dev Tools for Chrome™

Salesforce object search feature

Salesforce Dev Tools for Chrome™ Install From Chrome Web Store

Release Note

2020/4/12 release (v3.6.0)

・ Improved feature of Query Editor.

2020/1/7 release (v3.5.0)

・ Added feature of exporting Object page layout definition to Excel.

2019/8/18 release (v3.4.0)

・ Added feature of Multi-Fields Checker.

2019/5/13 release (v3.3.0)

・ Added features of mass edit, mass delete, mass clone custom fields.

2018/12/17 release (v3.2.0)

・ Reactivated feature of Debug Log Viewer.
・ Added feature of searching Debug Log.
・ Fixed Issues.

2018/11/12 release (v3.1.0)

・ Improved UX of feature exporting object API reference to Excel file.
・ Added Query Editor feature to all Objects.
・ Added feature of exporting query result to Excel file.

2018/09/03 Major release (v3.0.0)

・ Added support for Lightning.
・ Improved UX of feature Object Reference Doc generating.
・ Improved UX of feature All Check.

2018/04/17 (v2.8.4)

・ Improved feature of ERDs generator and fixed bug.


・ Improved Debug Log Viewer UX.

2017/05/29 (v2.8.0)

・ Added the features of query editor and exporting query results to csv file.

2017/04/23 (v2.7.0)

・ Added the feature of ERDs generator.

2017/03/06 (v2.6.0)

・ Added the feature of All check on Profile/Field permission edit page.

2017/01/30 Major release (v2.5.0)

・ Added the features of SOQL generator and Apex debug log viewer.


・ Fixed exported excel file encode bug


・Added custom domain support.

2016/08/21 Major release (v2.0.0)

・ Added the feature of exporting objects definition to excel file.
・Rename extension to “Salesforce Dev Tools for Chrome™.


・ Added the features of object quick access and object searching.


・ Added support for generating Apex Code include blank fields


・ Added support for RecordType
・ Added hint for Quick Access Menu Turned Off

Enjoy It!